Today will be a summary of days 11-15 of the 30 day challenge. This past week has been hectic. When I get the chance to sit down and should be doing this blog, I am just exhausted and want to just relax. I know I haven’t been on here with daily updates on that part but it was becoming too much and I needed the break. I let myself take the break from here but I still am consistently posting on my YouTube channel on Monday & Wednesday at 3 PM. Please join me over there.

I am catching up now and I should be back to normal tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

Fitness Challenge: I have been working out still but my 10k steps are hit and miss these past few days but there are reasons behind it. I finally have my stair stepper so I have started a 30 min workout on there and then also doing the Chloe Ting’s Challenge.

Happiness Challenge: The past few days have been hard and a lot of anxiety but I will be getting better the next few days. I’m excited to have a break.

Physical Goal: My physical health is great! I am down 1 pound from my workouts and I haven’t been eating the best. I have braces so I am trying to eat whatever I can that is soft.

Food Goal: Food Has been hard to eat because of my braces so intake hasn’t been all that great.

Blogging Goal: I am coming back to this. Thanks for being patient. Remember you can always check in on my YouTube channel or instagram to see what is going on.



Today was day 10 of the 30 day challenge. I want to leave you with a quick short blog today. If you are going through something that is hard or something that is easy; always talk about it. Take some time to talk about the good and bad in your day to day. It helps take some pressure off your chest.

Fitness Challenge: Great workout today! Got in my steps! I uploaded my video on YouTube about my process. Check it out.

Happiness Challenge: Overall, I was taken back by some comments and people. It finally broke me today. It is really hard to always be positive and look at the bigger picture.

Physical Goal: Physical health is good.

Food Goal: Food has been hard to get in this week. Still getting used to the braces so it has been hard to track it.

Blogging Goal: I need to write these earlier in the day. At the end of the day it is hard.



Today was day 9 of the 30 day challenge. Today, anxiety was pretty high up there. I have had a lot to do this week compared to other weeks. There seems to be a good routine going on but I think I have been in this routine for a little too long. I haven’t had a vacation or anything new that I feel stuck. I feel that I wake up, work, workout, eat, sleep, and repeat. I really don’t like that. I feel like once I finish my work I am just looking at the clock to see when it’s time to go to bed. It is not a freeing feeling.

I need a break. Everyone needs a break. This year has been a lot. I miss how life used to be. I miss being able to get up, plan my day, shop, hang out with my friends, and come home to relax. Right now, I’m not even sure what relaxing is or what relaxes me. I am trying my best to stay away from anything that brings me down even more. I am trying my best to uplift myself and be happy. Today was not the day. I had a lot going on and I can only share so much. Many days I feel like no one really understand what it is I go through. They base everything off of their life and it is so irritating. I’m sure some of y’all can relate.

No one cares about someone who’s bent on self sabotage, if you want to save the world from sinking, first pull yourself up, and escape drowning. – therightmessages

Fitness Challenge: My workout was really cool today. Today was a full body HITT and then two ab workout videos. I enjoyed them. I uploaded my video on YouTube about my process. Check it out.

Happiness Challenge: I have mentioned how my happiness was a bit down today. A lot of anxiety was a part of my day and just figuring out how to get out of this funk. It’ll go away soon as long as I’m aware of it.

Physical Goal: I feel great physically. I am getting my steps in a lot faster. My stair stepper was supposed to be here today and it is running late so I am excited to use that!

Food Goal: I had an açaí bowl from Jamba Juice as my dinner. It really has been hard to eat anything. When I bite down and get through a meal I’m in so much pain after so I decided I should just stick to softer foods. I can’t even bite into anything. It sure is a process right now.

Blogging Goal: I’ve learned I write so much better when I am in total silence. It just lets my thoughts run and my fingers get to work.



Today was day 8 of the 30 day challenge. Happy beginning of the week. Mondays are a bit of a rough start for most people. I have semi started to look forward to Mondays because it’s a fresh start to the week. I get to challenge myself to do better than I did the week before.

Monday is also our weigh in day! I am doing a whole YouTube video on the start of my 30 day journey and the weigh in process. Check it out on Wednesday when you get a chance. I think you’ll enjoy it. I talk about my best practices in quarantine and what I wish I had done differently.

I hope my journey can teach you that you said “tomorrow, yesterday”

Fitness Challenge: I was over my 10k steps and I got my workout in. Pretty easy huh!

Happiness Challenge: My happiness was good! I got to relax a bit and spend a lot of time working on my social media stuff. I enjoyed having that flexibility.

Physical Goal: We had our weigh in today. I went from 130.8lbs on June 15 to 128.8 June 22nd! I will measure that as success. I just want to give you a heads up that this is not my only measurement of success. If you check out my video on Wednesday I go over my smart scale numbers. Then I also have these factors that I blog about everyday to measure my success.

Food Goal: As mentioned yesterday, I am mostly just eating soup and the soft food soup my grandma made me. I am also having my protein shakes. I was supposed to go to jamba and get an açaí bowl maybe I can still go do that for dinner.

Blogging Goal: It is so awesome to blog. Every time I sit down to write, it makes me excited to what the end of the 30 days will look like!



Today was day 7 of the 30 day challenge. Happy Father’s Day Y’all! I can’t believe it is already Sunday! We’re back to work tomorrow for the week. This weekend really just flew by. I want to take a moment to shout out all the hard working, supportive, easy to talk to dads out there.

A brief personal story: My dad passed away when I was almost 16 so my uncles, and grandpa’s are my dads everyday. I love my grandpa to death! He is so easy to talk to and his motto in life really has become do what makes you happy. He never questions what I do because he knows it is for the best and there is an outcome. I absolutely love that about him. He’s funny, he can joke around all day. He doesn’t get mad when I joke with him, he just plays along. His favorite saying is “Crazy Girl” but I know it is all out of love. He just doesn’t know how to describe me.

My actual dad: He believed in me without saying it.
My dad was special, he didn’t communicate but he had his ways of telling someone how important they were to him. He would say things like make sure you can do this and that was his way of guidance. He had rewards for us to hit milestones in our lives. They were not unrealistic milestone and I really appreciated that and I probably got my motivation from there and how I go about each one of my decisions. I have milestones created for myself and I make sure they’re not unrealistic. and yes, nothing is really unrealistic somethings just take a longer period.

Fitness Challenge: I was about 500 steps short of my 10k steps. That’s completely okay! Monday morning I will be weighing myself and do a detailed video on my workout journey for the first week and my progress looking at my smart scale.

Happiness Challenge: My happiness was okay today. I got to spend time with my grandparents, went shopping, and my brother came along.

Physical Goal: I am so glad be back home in my own space. It brings me back to who I am. It allows me not to compare myself or allow others to get in my head about my physical looks.

Food Goal: Oh Man! These braces are something else. I don’t feel the pain but then I try to bite into something and realize they’re all numb. Luckily, my grandma made me some soft food so I have been eating that and I picked up some soup.

Blogging Goal: This blog was a lot easier to write, I actually got to sit and gather my thoughts without having so many distractions.



Today was day 6 of the 30 day challenge. Wow. What a day! I talked a bit about commenting on other peoples weight and always nagging at others. So today, was a day full of getting nagged at. I started to turn into this blunt, rude person because I had over 12 hours of being nagged at about different things that were “wrong” with me. It all started with how my eyeshadow was not blended to my weight. I totally dislike when people body shame others. That body is not yours and you do not know how hard that person works to make their body a certain way. The body may not be your type but it could be everything that person wants.

Re-evaluate yourself before you comment on someones appearance because you do not know what they’re going through or what is causing that. I’m just speaking from personal experience. That was the major issue with today, it made me so self conscious and I am not someone that lacks self confidence.

Real women are fat and thin. And both, and neither, and otherwise. -Hanne Blank

I am glad that this is only a weekend thing. That this is not where I stay all the time nor do I have to feel this way all the time. It is such a damaging place for my mind and peace. I hope if any of you feel this way or that anyone makes you feel less than that you can walk away. I hope you can take a step back and realize you have worked so hard to be who you are. You body shape is not in your control. You can be considered plus size and be the healthiest because size does not define health. Remember that. Don’t let others put you down! I am working on that.

Fitness Challenge: I did not get my 10k steps in today. BUT I did do about 40 mins on our spin bike and it felt good. I was able to be active and I am completely okay with that.

Happiness Challenge: Today, my happiness was not there. I was upset at all the comments coming my way and I felt all my peace was being taken away from me. I am looking forward to going back to my peace and my place.

Physical Goal: I had a hard time with my body image today because of all the comments but I know how hard I work each day to get where I am and I should know my worth and not allow someone else who doesn’t know how hard I work to comment on it.

Food Goal: Ahh! I had some bomb food that my grandma made. I couldn’t really eat my dinner, I got my braces on and they are in so much pain!

Blogging Goal: Sorry for the late update! Been busy this weekend shopping and spending time with my family! But hey! at least it’s up 🙂



Today was day 5 of the 30 day challenge. I knew what the day held. Friday’s are pretty straight forward, I have a few things I need to get done for work, get my workout in, and it is normally the day I like to fully clean my place. I like to spend my weekend waking up in a spotless place. Not saying my place isn’t clean every other day! I clean up every night before bed but you know it’s just not spotless because things get left over from a work week. You see shoes laying around, you need to put away the dishes, you need to pick up a few mugs from your coffee table, just things like that.

So I am home visiting my family for the weekend. It’s Father’s Day weekend so I get to spend it with my gramps! I have a few things planned with my brother that we would like to do for my grandpa so we will see! I decided I want to vlog this week so you will be seeing a vlog up on my YouTube channel in possibly a week!

Make sure you go subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep up with the weekly videos of this 30 day challenge. My channel is called SKDLIFESTYLE. I’ll leave a link somewhere for y’all!

I want to leave you with a bit of positivity! Happy weekend y’all! Take this weekend to reflect, find peace, find your why, and find your happiness. I had a chat with my step-dad about happiness and it is nice to know he seems to have the same mindset of it. So I’m not alone. Well I know I’m not alone in what I do and how I do it because I have a handful of people in my life that are the same way. I got stuck the last year trying to please others and forgot myself. Remember you don’t owe anyone anything but you do owe yourself happiness. You owe yourself peace. If you are happy with your decisions you are not responsible to make some else happy. I had almost forgotten that so I want to remind you.

Fitness Challenge: YAYYY! Today was Friday. Friday workouts are challenging! For me, I know I’m going to get my workout in because I am excited that I have a rest day coming up and I worked so hard so why would I give up on a Friday. But the thing that is the hardest is that my body is EXHAUSTED! But we got it done!

Happiness Challenge: my happiness overall today was good! I got to talk to my best friend. I got my stuff done before heading home for the weekend. So I am good.

Physical Goal: I’m overall happy with my body. What annoys me a lot are the comments from my family. If you don’t workout and you don’t know my body, don’t comment about it. And did no one teach you if you got nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all.

Food Goal: Since I’m home for the weekend I will have to eat whatever we eat as a family and I get to enjoy my grandmas cooking 😊

Blogging Goal: This has been hard to post today because I been so caught up hanging out with my family and running around.



Today was day 4 of the 30 day challenge. Today was definitely a rough day for me overall. I was very anxious because I felt like I was getting pulled so many different directions and I couldn’t take a minute to breathe. I felt like I needed to rush anything that was for my personal time and be on top of everything that was work related. So today was a different challenge in itself.

However, I wanted to get everything done and start to rest and relax. I knew I wanted to decompress by watching a movie so I watched ‘The Hate You Give” I hope that’s the title. If not, you know what movie I’m talking about. It literally was everything that’s happening in our current world and let me tell you I was pretty emotional. I would never want anyone to feel that way but we have thousands/millions of folks who are of color feel like this all the time.

This post is going live on JUNETEENTH, I want it to hold some value.

As much as everyone has their struggles everyday, I hope that I can make some type of difference. I hope this world was a nicer place and everyone really was equal and didn’t have to feel that they have to fight for their rights. If you have a platform, please speak up, please help your audience understand what is going on in the world.

Fitness Challenge: My workout was good, I didn’t have to do a crazy amount of indoor walking today because I ended up shopping for my team and got my steps in that way. So not an overall challenging day.

Happiness Challenge: My happiness was give or take. I had my struggles and I felt like everyone needed everything from me today. I had to tell some people that I really just need to do what I am doing. But at the end of the day I got to watch something powerful and go to bed at peace.

Physical Goal: I am still working on this. We will have our first official weigh in on Monday!

Food Goal: OMG! Let me put you onto something that I learned from a few people, I guess. So I had popcorn during the movie. NOT JUST ANY POPCORN. I did popcorn and then added some peanut M&M and allowed them to sit in the hot popcorn for a few minutes. Add your favorite chocolate to the popcorn and let it sit. IT will melt into your mouth! YUMMM!

Blogging Goal: Blogging has been great. Today I needed to find time to do this but I am committed to it.



Today was day 3 of the 30 day challenge. So yesterdays blog post I talked about discipline and proving to myself that I still could discipline myself. Today proved that, yes, indeed I can; however, my biggest challenge today was to not let the small voices in my head get to me. We all have these small voices in our heads and some people call them the “angry monster” on our shoulder that never wants us to accomplish a task that would help us. So this angry monster was all over me today. ‘IT’ even tried to tell me not to do my 10k steps. HA what a joke!

I am writing this post at 11:16PM on June 17, 2020. I am currently at exactly 9500 steps! YAAY! 500 steps away, not a big issue at all! I’m going to hit those other 500 steps in the next 30 mins. If that means I am writing this blog post while I walk then I will do that. I’m not giving up and I want to challenge ALL of you! No matter how big or small your goal is, just know you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to. It only takes 21 days to make something a habit. (P.S. I wanted to let you know today June 18, while I edit this blog post, I hit 10,162 steps!!)

I am not telling you it is going to be easy, I am telling you it is going to be worth it.

My summary of the day overall today: I got to spend a huge amount of my day outdoors just doing activities and walking and spending some good quality time. I am learning to put my phone down more and more. It is a great feeling, try it. Try to go outside and not touch your phone. I did that today. It is so good to be in the moment everything else can wait. I’m not an expert or anything I’m just telling you my experience.

Leave a comment about one of your goals or challenges you are working on below.

Fitness Challenge: My workouts seem to be a 3 days on schedule, 1 day off, 3 days on. So I switched my day off to today because my body needed to rest. Remember, during this fitness challenge I never mentioned not listening to your body. So I am listening to my body but that does not mean you shouldn’t move your body. I still had my goal of hitting 10k steps and I am getting there.

Happiness Challenge: My happiness today was high. I got to do some things I love! I worked, I spent quality time, and I was outdoors! It was pretty great. One thing that brought me down a little was my morning meeting just because it had some sensitive information that I’m not sure how I should feel about it.

Physical Goal: I feel so much leaner and not bloated. I am getting my 70+ oz of water in each day for about 2 weeks now and it is making me feel great. I try not to touch other drinks like juice and soda. So we are on a good path.

Food Goal: I would say I got my calories in for the day but probably not my macros. At 1:30 PM today I realized that I had only had my coffee. I was so caught up putting up my YouTube video, doing my meeting, and all my actual work that I totally got so caught up and then I had lunch at like 2:30. But I didn’t eat a bunch of junk.

Blogging Goal: Seems like reflecting on my day is such a good thing. You forget what you did each day if you don’t document it. I’m looking forward to reading these back at the end of my 30 days.

It’s not a goodbye, it’s a see you late!



Today was day 2 of the 30 day challenge. A challenge for a push to be bigger, better, bolder than before. Today was a darn good start. The day wasn’t a normal work from home day, it was busy, it was packed, and it made me realize I still know discipline.

When I started this challenge yesterday, I was afraid I forgot discipline. I was so great at discipling myself. I was able to put my phone down and do my work because that was what needed to be done. I didn’t need to waste 3 hours doing a task that would only take me 1 hour. I feel like I lost my discipline a little because I started to lose myself. I started focusing on being this “professional” and forgot my bubbly self.

My biggest goal this year was to bounce all year. By bounce – I mean – live life on my own terms, do things without question, do things because I WANT TO, and not because that was someone else’s expectation of me. I worked so hard to stop having expectations of others but got so sucked up trying to always fill others expectations. Yeah. Sad. I know. That changed yesterday. Life is too short to let others control it or tell you how to feel or manipulate you.

This wasn’t supposed to get this deep but it’s 9:48 PM, I just ate my dinner and I am reflecting on my day. I still feel like I’m trying to meet some expectations but I hope at the end of this 30 days: I have a bigger, better, bolder bounce to finish off my year strong.

“The best way out is through” -Robert Frost.

Fitness Challenge: For a heck of a busy day and before 10PM, I AM AT OVER 10K steps! YAAYYY! I got my workout in, today was an easy day and I only had to do 10 min abs. BUT DO NOT GET ME WRONG. I worked my ass off to get my 10K steps in today. I was on calls back to back all day 9AM -5PM so I took the working/call time to walk in place for an hour and then jog in place for another 10 mins. So yes today was challenging in itself.

Happiness Challenge: AH! Definitely a better day. I was busy but a good busy. I learned so much today about my job and got so many questions answered. I have an exciting project for tomorrow and I’m motivated to continue to network and have fun! I am coming down to the point of understanding what has caused me all this pain the last 6 months and it feels really good to make myself happy and understand I am not responsible to make others happy because it has been dragging me down. So we are on a great start!

Physical Goal: This one is obviously being measured once a week but today I spent the day giving myself positive affirmations. I am doubling my steps each day so that is a great start. I am not sitting here obsessing over my body because this will take time. And I know there are some eating habits that I am changing. Oh and (*wink*wink*) I’m in some of my favorite joggers right now and the way they fit! GIRLLL!

Food Goal: I did pretty well with my food today. I am hitting my Marcos or being around them. I am trying my best. I had a slow start but I made myself lunch and my coffee is normally my breakfast. I did reward myself with some chips and a candy bar but that is okay!

Blogging Goal: I am still here! This blog is very therapeutic. I did spill some beans that I haven’t really shared this directly. But I am here for myself.

Lastly, thank you for being a part of my journey. If you’re here even getting slightly motivated, I feel accomplished because that means you will probably work on yourself in some way sooner than later. That’s all for now y’all!



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