The Ordinary Serums


Anytime I have talked to someone about skincare, everyone talks about serums. I have always had a super simple skincare routine. In high school, bar of soap and a random moisturizer. College is when I started to test out products but I knew my skin wasn’t very sensitive so I could really use anything. Now that I’m almost in my mid 20’s. (WOW that’s crazy!). Everyone has started to talk about you should pay attention to your skin, start early, don’t start when you have issues like wrinkles or fine lines. So I decided to listen and this year is the first time I am consistent with my skincare routine. So I believe I started this routine in Feb 2020.

I use the “Buffet” serum morning and night time under my moisturizer. I use the Lactic acid only at night time. Let me tell you the difference you see within a week of using these two products is insane.

Here are pictures

BEFORE (JAN 2020) & AFTER (APRIL 2020)


Is your makeup looking cakey?


We are all home right now. We are probably all trying to stay busy. One way many of us are staying busy is by practicing our makeup skills.

Let me tell you! Once quarantine started my makeup just looked like I had slapped a bunch of layers on my skin and didn’t even try to make it look good. I had no idea why this was happening to me. I had creases everywhere and looked like I was a 25 years old with wrinkles.

The problem was the foundation of my makeup and my method of applying. If you ever feel that your makeup is just not setting here are some products I use to have it look less like that!

These are my HOLY GRAIL. I’m not just saying I set my makeup with it. After each set of my makeup, I layer it with this. Yeah it might seem like a lot of work but the way your skin glows after you do your makeup! You will be mind blown! Both of these products are 9.99. Here are some links: NYX SETTING SPRAY, OLAY MIST.


I have a YouTube video showing you have I do my makeup with this routine. If you want to watch how I do this routine, watch this.



It has been a long time since I’ve done a makeup tutorial! It is so fun to show or even watch others do their makeup. I have uploaded a video for you to learn some tips and tricks I use for my makeup routine. We are all home right now, either working from home or just home. Taking the time to get dressed makes you have a productive day. At least for me, I feel like I get more done when I am dressed and working. Maybe it is simply the fact that I have one thing checked off my list. How many of you also like to get dressed before you start working?

Leave your secret makeup tip down below!

The art of doing the splits


Have you watched gymnastics, tumblings, and cheerleading? You sit there and think to yourself: “I wish I could do the splits too”. Me too. You’re not alone. I have for years thought it would be such an accomplishment to do the splits but I never understood why I got unmotivated. It all requires patience and practice.

I started learning the splits about a couple months ago but have not been consistent so now I have been more consistent with my stretches but that is not all that goes into doing the splits. There is so much more. Watch the video on the stretches and the science behind the splits BELOW.


FIRST, lets start with how the splits are done. They’re done with your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and hips. Make sure these parts are flexible and stretched out on the daily. One way to stretch out these muscles to prepare to do the splits is by foam rolling. Foam rolling makes your muscles softer.

SECONDLY, water is your best friend. YES! Water plays a huge role on how your muscles are (flexible or tight). Everything in our bodies works inside out. So you intake good food, vitamins, and mineral: you will see those results on the outside.

THIRD TIP, you have to lift. As much as we may think that lifting does not help with flexibility; your muscles and joints need strength to be able to allow the flexibility for the splits.


YouTube videos

Let’s all start by thinking about how many times in the last month, we have spent way TOO much money on one meal? I’ll start by raising my hand. Spending 30 dollars on a meal. That just blows my mind every time. Something that will take me about maybe 30 mins to make is costing me $30 to go pick up. WOW.

We all just pay for the convenience: the convenience of not wanting to cook, convenience of watching tv, convenience of getting food delivered to our doors. Isn’t that crazy?

That is what humans do! We pay for convenience.

What blows my mind even more is that we are ALL capable of cooking. We are just lazy. We like to have things that will allow us to quickly get stuff done. I have put together a video of my day to day eating on a budget. You will probably buy a couple days of meals for yourself with the 30 dollars you’re spending on having that food delivered to you. Check it out. Let me know what you think. I can do a step by step for any of these meals. Just leave comment below.