Confession: the hardest questions for me to answer have always been about myself. From the simple stuff to really knowing myself. I pride myself in knowing who I am but it is always so hard to share it with others.

What about you?

I learned a few ways to be able to answer these questions about myself. Not just answer them but confidently answer them.

First, I have spent years (probably since college) to get to know myself. I have this image in my head of who I really am. From there I start to answer those questions as if I was talking to my closest friend.

Remember when you’re with your best friends you don’t pretend who you are. You actually relax and be you. SO when you’re being asked these questions from strangers or in a panel, be sure that you’re confident and imagine all your best friends are sitting in the crowd or across the table.

Just believe in yourself and what you believe. Don’t let someone make you think twice of you who are. And remember we are always a work in progress.

Below is my YouTube video on this topic. I am answering some questions about my personality and when I first saw these questions it wasn’t easy. I looked at them and I was like “wow! do I even know the answer to these questions.” Honestly, I sat there for a bit. Then I knew I saw myself in some way and I prided myself in that. So here I am answering these questions for you. I hope it gives you a boost of confidence that you may need. Leave your comments below.

2 thoughts on “What’s your personality?

  1. crtl alt esc says:

    I confess that I, too, often find questions about myself the hardest to answer but your advice is great! x


    1. keepitskd says:

      I think it’s just so hard to be honest with yourself or even others about that stuff!

      Liked by 1 person

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