Have you watched gymnastics, tumblings, and cheerleading? You sit there and think to yourself: “I wish I could do the splits too”. Me too. You’re not alone. I have for years thought it would be such an accomplishment to do the splits but I never understood why I got unmotivated. It all requires patience and practice.

I started learning the splits about a couple months ago but have not been consistent so now I have been more consistent with my stretches but that is not all that goes into doing the splits. There is so much more. Watch the video on the stretches and the science behind the splits BELOW.


FIRST, lets start with how the splits are done. They’re done with your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and hips. Make sure these parts are flexible and stretched out on the daily. One way to stretch out these muscles to prepare to do the splits is by foam rolling. Foam rolling makes your muscles softer.

SECONDLY, water is your best friend. YES! Water plays a huge role on how your muscles are (flexible or tight). Everything in our bodies works inside out. So you intake good food, vitamins, and mineral: you will see those results on the outside.

THIRD TIP, you have to lift. As much as we may think that lifting does not help with flexibility; your muscles and joints need strength to be able to allow the flexibility for the splits.

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