We are all home right now. We are probably all trying to stay busy. One way many of us are staying busy is by practicing our makeup skills.

Let me tell you! Once quarantine started my makeup just looked like I had slapped a bunch of layers on my skin and didn’t even try to make it look good. I had no idea why this was happening to me. I had creases everywhere and looked like I was a 25 years old with wrinkles.

The problem was the foundation of my makeup and my method of applying. If you ever feel that your makeup is just not setting here are some products I use to have it look less like that!

These are my HOLY GRAIL. I’m not just saying I set my makeup with it. After each set of my makeup, I layer it with this. Yeah it might seem like a lot of work but the way your skin glows after you do your makeup! You will be mind blown! Both of these products are 9.99. Here are some links: NYX SETTING SPRAY, OLAY MIST.


I have a YouTube video showing you have I do my makeup with this routine. If you want to watch how I do this routine, watch this.

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