Today was day 2 of the 30 day challenge. A challenge for a push to be bigger, better, bolder than before. Today was a darn good start. The day wasn’t a normal work from home day, it was busy, it was packed, and it made me realize I still know discipline.

When I started this challenge yesterday, I was afraid I forgot discipline. I was so great at discipling myself. I was able to put my phone down and do my work because that was what needed to be done. I didn’t need to waste 3 hours doing a task that would only take me 1 hour. I feel like I lost my discipline a little because I started to lose myself. I started focusing on being this “professional” and forgot my bubbly self.

My biggest goal this year was to bounce all year. By bounce – I mean – live life on my own terms, do things without question, do things because I WANT TO, and not because that was someone else’s expectation of me. I worked so hard to stop having expectations of others but got so sucked up trying to always fill others expectations. Yeah. Sad. I know. That changed yesterday. Life is too short to let others control it or tell you how to feel or manipulate you.

This wasn’t supposed to get this deep but it’s 9:48 PM, I just ate my dinner and I am reflecting on my day. I still feel like I’m trying to meet some expectations but I hope at the end of this 30 days: I have a bigger, better, bolder bounce to finish off my year strong.

“The best way out is through” -Robert Frost.

Fitness Challenge: For a heck of a busy day and before 10PM, I AM AT OVER 10K steps! YAAYYY! I got my workout in, today was an easy day and I only had to do 10 min abs. BUT DO NOT GET ME WRONG. I worked my ass off to get my 10K steps in today. I was on calls back to back all day 9AM -5PM so I took the working/call time to walk in place for an hour and then jog in place for another 10 mins. So yes today was challenging in itself.

Happiness Challenge: AH! Definitely a better day. I was busy but a good busy. I learned so much today about my job and got so many questions answered. I have an exciting project for tomorrow and I’m motivated to continue to network and have fun! I am coming down to the point of understanding what has caused me all this pain the last 6 months and it feels really good to make myself happy and understand I am not responsible to make others happy because it has been dragging me down. So we are on a great start!

Physical Goal: This one is obviously being measured once a week but today I spent the day giving myself positive affirmations. I am doubling my steps each day so that is a great start. I am not sitting here obsessing over my body because this will take time. And I know there are some eating habits that I am changing. Oh and (*wink*wink*) I’m in some of my favorite joggers right now and the way they fit! GIRLLL!

Food Goal: I did pretty well with my food today. I am hitting my Marcos or being around them. I am trying my best. I had a slow start but I made myself lunch and my coffee is normally my breakfast. I did reward myself with some chips and a candy bar but that is okay!

Blogging Goal: I am still here! This blog is very therapeutic. I did spill some beans that I haven’t really shared this directly. But I am here for myself.

Lastly, thank you for being a part of my journey. If you’re here even getting slightly motivated, I feel accomplished because that means you will probably work on yourself in some way sooner than later. That’s all for now y’all!



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