Today was day 4 of the 30 day challenge. Today was definitely a rough day for me overall. I was very anxious because I felt like I was getting pulled so many different directions and I couldn’t take a minute to breathe. I felt like I needed to rush anything that was for my personal time and be on top of everything that was work related. So today was a different challenge in itself.

However, I wanted to get everything done and start to rest and relax. I knew I wanted to decompress by watching a movie so I watched ‘The Hate You Give” I hope that’s the title. If not, you know what movie I’m talking about. It literally was everything that’s happening in our current world and let me tell you I was pretty emotional. I would never want anyone to feel that way but we have thousands/millions of folks who are of color feel like this all the time.

This post is going live on JUNETEENTH, I want it to hold some value.

As much as everyone has their struggles everyday, I hope that I can make some type of difference. I hope this world was a nicer place and everyone really was equal and didn’t have to feel that they have to fight for their rights. If you have a platform, please speak up, please help your audience understand what is going on in the world.

Fitness Challenge: My workout was good, I didn’t have to do a crazy amount of indoor walking today because I ended up shopping for my team and got my steps in that way. So not an overall challenging day.

Happiness Challenge: My happiness was give or take. I had my struggles and I felt like everyone needed everything from me today. I had to tell some people that I really just need to do what I am doing. But at the end of the day I got to watch something powerful and go to bed at peace.

Physical Goal: I am still working on this. We will have our first official weigh in on Monday!

Food Goal: OMG! Let me put you onto something that I learned from a few people, I guess. So I had popcorn during the movie. NOT JUST ANY POPCORN. I did popcorn and then added some peanut M&M and allowed them to sit in the hot popcorn for a few minutes. Add your favorite chocolate to the popcorn and let it sit. IT will melt into your mouth! YUMMM!

Blogging Goal: Blogging has been great. Today I needed to find time to do this but I am committed to it.



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