Today was day 6 of the 30 day challenge. Wow. What a day! I talked a bit about commenting on other peoples weight and always nagging at others. So today, was a day full of getting nagged at. I started to turn into this blunt, rude person because I had over 12 hours of being nagged at about different things that were “wrong” with me. It all started with how my eyeshadow was not blended to my weight. I totally dislike when people body shame others. That body is not yours and you do not know how hard that person works to make their body a certain way. The body may not be your type but it could be everything that person wants.

Re-evaluate yourself before you comment on someones appearance because you do not know what they’re going through or what is causing that. I’m just speaking from personal experience. That was the major issue with today, it made me so self conscious and I am not someone that lacks self confidence.

Real women are fat and thin. And both, and neither, and otherwise. -Hanne Blank

I am glad that this is only a weekend thing. That this is not where I stay all the time nor do I have to feel this way all the time. It is such a damaging place for my mind and peace. I hope if any of you feel this way or that anyone makes you feel less than that you can walk away. I hope you can take a step back and realize you have worked so hard to be who you are. You body shape is not in your control. You can be considered plus size and be the healthiest because size does not define health. Remember that. Don’t let others put you down! I am working on that.

Fitness Challenge: I did not get my 10k steps in today. BUT I did do about 40 mins on our spin bike and it felt good. I was able to be active and I am completely okay with that.

Happiness Challenge: Today, my happiness was not there. I was upset at all the comments coming my way and I felt all my peace was being taken away from me. I am looking forward to going back to my peace and my place.

Physical Goal: I had a hard time with my body image today because of all the comments but I know how hard I work each day to get where I am and I should know my worth and not allow someone else who doesn’t know how hard I work to comment on it.

Food Goal: Ahh! I had some bomb food that my grandma made. I couldn’t really eat my dinner, I got my braces on and they are in so much pain!

Blogging Goal: Sorry for the late update! Been busy this weekend shopping and spending time with my family! But hey! at least it’s up 🙂



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