Today was day 7 of the 30 day challenge. Happy Father’s Day Y’all! I can’t believe it is already Sunday! We’re back to work tomorrow for the week. This weekend really just flew by. I want to take a moment to shout out all the hard working, supportive, easy to talk to dads out there.

A brief personal story: My dad passed away when I was almost 16 so my uncles, and grandpa’s are my dads everyday. I love my grandpa to death! He is so easy to talk to and his motto in life really has become do what makes you happy. He never questions what I do because he knows it is for the best and there is an outcome. I absolutely love that about him. He’s funny, he can joke around all day. He doesn’t get mad when I joke with him, he just plays along. His favorite saying is “Crazy Girl” but I know it is all out of love. He just doesn’t know how to describe me.

My actual dad: He believed in me without saying it.
My dad was special, he didn’t communicate but he had his ways of telling someone how important they were to him. He would say things like make sure you can do this and that was his way of guidance. He had rewards for us to hit milestones in our lives. They were not unrealistic milestone and I really appreciated that and I probably got my motivation from there and how I go about each one of my decisions. I have milestones created for myself and I make sure they’re not unrealistic. and yes, nothing is really unrealistic somethings just take a longer period.

Fitness Challenge: I was about 500 steps short of my 10k steps. That’s completely okay! Monday morning I will be weighing myself and do a detailed video on my workout journey for the first week and my progress looking at my smart scale.

Happiness Challenge: My happiness was okay today. I got to spend time with my grandparents, went shopping, and my brother came along.

Physical Goal: I am so glad be back home in my own space. It brings me back to who I am. It allows me not to compare myself or allow others to get in my head about my physical looks.

Food Goal: Oh Man! These braces are something else. I don’t feel the pain but then I try to bite into something and realize they’re all numb. Luckily, my grandma made me some soft food so I have been eating that and I picked up some soup.

Blogging Goal: This blog was a lot easier to write, I actually got to sit and gather my thoughts without having so many distractions.



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