Today was day 9 of the 30 day challenge. Today, anxiety was pretty high up there. I have had a lot to do this week compared to other weeks. There seems to be a good routine going on but I think I have been in this routine for a little too long. I haven’t had a vacation or anything new that I feel stuck. I feel that I wake up, work, workout, eat, sleep, and repeat. I really don’t like that. I feel like once I finish my work I am just looking at the clock to see when it’s time to go to bed. It is not a freeing feeling.

I need a break. Everyone needs a break. This year has been a lot. I miss how life used to be. I miss being able to get up, plan my day, shop, hang out with my friends, and come home to relax. Right now, I’m not even sure what relaxing is or what relaxes me. I am trying my best to stay away from anything that brings me down even more. I am trying my best to uplift myself and be happy. Today was not the day. I had a lot going on and I can only share so much. Many days I feel like no one really understand what it is I go through. They base everything off of their life and it is so irritating. I’m sure some of y’all can relate.

No one cares about someone who’s bent on self sabotage, if you want to save the world from sinking, first pull yourself up, and escape drowning. – therightmessages

Fitness Challenge: My workout was really cool today. Today was a full body HITT and then two ab workout videos. I enjoyed them. I uploaded my video on YouTube about my process. Check it out.

Happiness Challenge: I have mentioned how my happiness was a bit down today. A lot of anxiety was a part of my day and just figuring out how to get out of this funk. It’ll go away soon as long as I’m aware of it.

Physical Goal: I feel great physically. I am getting my steps in a lot faster. My stair stepper was supposed to be here today and it is running late so I am excited to use that!

Food Goal: I had an açaí bowl from Jamba Juice as my dinner. It really has been hard to eat anything. When I bite down and get through a meal I’m in so much pain after so I decided I should just stick to softer foods. I can’t even bite into anything. It sure is a process right now.

Blogging Goal: I’ve learned I write so much better when I am in total silence. It just lets my thoughts run and my fingers get to work.



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