Today was day 10 of the 30 day challenge. I want to leave you with a quick short blog today. If you are going through something that is hard or something that is easy; always talk about it. Take some time to talk about the good and bad in your day to day. It helps take some pressure off your chest.

Fitness Challenge: Great workout today! Got in my steps! I uploaded my video on YouTube about my process. Check it out.

Happiness Challenge: Overall, I was taken back by some comments and people. It finally broke me today. It is really hard to always be positive and look at the bigger picture.

Physical Goal: Physical health is good.

Food Goal: Food has been hard to get in this week. Still getting used to the braces so it has been hard to track it.

Blogging Goal: I need to write these earlier in the day. At the end of the day it is hard.



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