Today will be a summary of days 11-15 of the 30 day challenge. This past week has been hectic. When I get the chance to sit down and should be doing this blog, I am just exhausted and want to just relax. I know I haven’t been on here with daily updates on that part but it was becoming too much and I needed the break. I let myself take the break from here but I still am consistently posting on my YouTube channel on Monday & Wednesday at 3 PM. Please join me over there.

I am catching up now and I should be back to normal tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

Fitness Challenge: I have been working out still but my 10k steps are hit and miss these past few days but there are reasons behind it. I finally have my stair stepper so I have started a 30 min workout on there and then also doing the Chloe Ting’s Challenge.

Happiness Challenge: The past few days have been hard and a lot of anxiety but I will be getting better the next few days. I’m excited to have a break.

Physical Goal: My physical health is great! I am down 1 pound from my workouts and I haven’t been eating the best. I have braces so I am trying to eat whatever I can that is soft.

Food Goal: Food Has been hard to eat because of my braces so intake hasn’t been all that great.

Blogging Goal: I am coming back to this. Thanks for being patient. Remember you can always check in on my YouTube channel or instagram to see what is going on.



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